Shock. Frenzy. Devastation. As the most hilarious monstrosity of all breaks loose! Run if you can! It's "Attack of the 50ft Improv"!

"Attack of the 50ft Improv" is Room for Improvment's first improv show, celebrating Halloween with some frighteningly hilarious improv comedy. The entire show is made up off the top of the actors heads from suggestions from audience members just like you, so no two shows are ever the same. In the same vein as popular television shows "Whose Line is it Anyway" and "Thank God You're Here", "Attack of the 50ft Improv" is a side-splitting, unpredictable romp into the world of theatre where anything and everything can and will happen. Watch as a cast of Camden's brightest perform ever-popular improv games such as "Hoedown", "Scenes from a Hat" and "Let's Make a Date" before taking on the most daring improv game ever, MOUSETRAP!

With a successful debut at Camden Shorts that had the crowd roaring for more, you won't want to miss out on the funniest night you've had out in memory when Room for Improvment presents "Attack of the 50ft Improv". 

Attack of the 50ft Improv- Improv Comedy

Date: Fri 03 Nov

Time: 8pm

Location: Narellan Family, Health and Community Centre