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Rising Arts Productions is a community theatre company that performs across the Illawarra, Camden and Sydney with a focus on creating more opportunities for young performers and engaging young people in the arts through accessible theatre.

Rising Arts Productions began operation in 2017 as a council-supported, weekly improvisational theatre workshop in Camden. This would quickly grow in 2018 when Rising Arts would become a beneficiary of the Create NSW's Western Sydney Making Spaces Initiative which would see us be one of the cornerstones of Camden Council's Creative Camden Hub at Harrington Park Community Centre; with close to a hundred people joining us for workshops throughout our time in the hub.

Quickly realising we could fill a gap in the theatre community, Rising Arts turned it's focus to producing shows as a fully-fledged theatre company with an emphasis on bringing people together from different regions to help local performers network with one another to build upon their skills and create future opportunities outside of Rising Arts. To date, Rising Arts Productions have produced four full-length improv shows across both Camden and the Illawarra, a play that toured both Wollongong and Campbelltown and the sold-out, extended season Illawarra premiere of 'Heathers: The Musical'. They have also been involved in many other smaller projects such as a Sydney Fringe Show in 2018; featuring in various comedy shows across the Illawarra including a short-lived residency at the Brewer's Cafe in Unanderra and an integral part of Wollongong's montly variety night 'Live in Wollongong'; performing at the Australian Improv Festival, Scared Scriptless Cup and Cranston Cup in Sydney; and writing, directing and producing the Judges & Audience Choice winning short-play 'Missed Connections' for Short + Sweet Illawarra in 2019.


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