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Intro to Improv

TERM DATES: 29/03-14/06 (excl. 19/4 & 7/6)

WHEN: Wednesday 6pm-7:30pm

WHERE: Side Door Theatre

COST: $10 a week

Our Intro to Improv is the perfect introduction into the world of improv. Over ten weeks, we will teach you the basic fundamentals of improvisation and the confidence that you'll need to think on your feet; whether in an improv show, a theatre performance or in every day life. 


The best way to do this? Through classic short form games you might see on shows like 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' that are both hilariously fun and teach you all the basics to survive an improv show. From what's 'Yes And..' to an 'offer' our experienced improv teachers will run you through all the basics in a fun and safe way that'll teach you as you play a series of classic improv games like 'Scenes from a Hat', 'New Choice' and many more.


At the end of the term, we'll have you prepped and ready to show friends and family what you've learnt with a short form showcase where you'll perform in your very own show with all the games you've grown to love.

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