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Improv classes are back!

We're back for 2023 and have a great new line-up of classes for you. We've changed up how we do things now, and we now offer two different classes that run over ten week terms. We have something for the improv novice who wants to learn the basic skills for the first time and each term we'll have a new format that will help our more advanced participants hone and craft new skills while working on a specific improv format.

Sounds fun? Learn more and sign up below.

Intro to Improv

Learn improv 101 - the basics of performing.

Our Intro to Improv is the perfect introduction into the world of improv. Over ten weeks, we will teach you the basic fundamentals of improvisation and the confidence that you'll need to think on your feet; whether in an improv show, a theatre performance or in every day life. 

The best way to do this? Through classic short form games you might see on shows like 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' that are both hilariously fun and teach you all the basics to survive an improv show.

TERM DATES: 29/03-14/06
WHEN: Wednesday 6pm-7:30pm
WHERE: Side Door Theatre


Advanced Skills: Armando

Learn how to turn stories into scenes filled with inspiration.

The Armando is an improv format staple, and one that is frequently on our stages. It is a long-form improv format that starts with a storytelling-style monologue, based on an audience suggestion. After the monologue, players play improvised scenes inspired by the monologue, and the monologue may even continue, later on in the performance.

Through this class, you will learn to expand your repertoire beyond short-form games as we look into a focus on some fundamental long-form improv techniques such as editing, narrative structure and group mind while also getting you prepared to perform in an Armando.

TERM DATES: 29/03-14/06

WHEN: Wednesday 7:30pm-9pm

WHERE: Side Door Theatre

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